Auditions for Developmental Lab of Revised JANE EYRE Musical

Producer: Cleveland Musical Theatre

Music and Lyrics: Paul Gordon

Book, Additional Lyrics: John Caird

Director: Miles J. Sternfeld

Choreographer: Martín Céspedes

Casting: Jamibeth Margolis, CSA

Dates: 10/7/17-10/14/17

Rehearsals: Evenings (5pm-10pm)

Location: Cleveland, OH (Venue TBA)

Cleveland Musical Theatre is currently seeking non-union, young performers (teen & young adult) of all ethnicities for a developmental lab of Jane Eyre. All must be strong singers and actors and proficient in the Standard British Dialect.

This process will focus on exploring the physical production of this newly revised version for upcoming engagements in Cleveland & New York. The composer is planning to be in residence for a portion of the lab. There is no compensation available for performers in this developmental lab.


To submit, please email a headshot, resume, and video audition (16-32 bar cut musical theatre selection or performance footage) to Please use the subject line “Jane Eyre Lab Submission" and include your video as a YouTube link. Submissions must be received by September 18th, 2017.

**Submissions are only in consideration for this developmental lab**


Charlotte Brontë's great love story comes to life with music to lift your heart and set your spirit soaring. This beloved tale of secrets and the lies that secrets create, of unimaginable hope and unspoken passion, reminds us what it is to fall deeply, truly and completely in love. Nominated for five Tony Awards, Jane Eyre explores religion, sexuality, and protofeminism, all while enchanting audiences with a timeless love story.

Jane's story begins in Gateshead Hall, where she is in the unfortunate care of her cruel Aunt Reed and cousin, John, as per her uncle's dying wish. The miserable young orphan is finally rescued when she is sent away to attend Lowood School for Girls. After six years, Jane leaves Lowood and is shortly after hired as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Here, she meets Mr. Edward Rochester, thus beginning her passionate and heart-wrenching journey of love, loss and the struggles of morality.


**Please note, listed character ages are for reference only**

JANE EYRE – Plain, meek and watchful governess with intense determination for liberty and independence; a strange, otherworldly and unapologetic young leading lady with powerful alto belt. Female, 18-25.

YOUNG JANE/ADELE – Abused, powerless orphan with immense soul and rebellion (Young Jane), doubling with Rochester’s precocious, rowdy French ward (Adele); a humorous and dramatic young actress with belt/mix. Female, 9-12.

EDWARD ROCHESTER – Passionate, brooding master of Thornfield Hall who is haunted by his dark and mysterious past and, therefore, very forceful and abrupt; a rugged yet playful legit baritone or tenor. Male, 35-45.

BLANCHE INGRAM/BERTHA MASON – Striking, sexy lady of rank who is both sophisticated and intimidating (Blanche Ingram), doubling with Rochester’s deranged, promiscuous wife (Bertha Mason); Legit soprano with dynamic movement abilities. Female, 25-35.

MRS. FAIRFAX/MRS. REED – Warm-hearted, stern housekeeper of Thornfield Hall who protects the ominous secrets of the house (Mrs. Fairfax), doubling with Jane’s cold-hearted, wicked aunt (Mrs. Reed); mezzo soprano with highly-skilled acting ability. Female, 55-65.

JOHN REED/ST. JOHN RIVERS – Immature, cruel bully who pushes around his cousin Jane (John Reed), doubling with the cold and manipulative curate of the parish of Gateshead, (St. John Rivers) who is strictly devoted to his Christian faith Handsome tenor. Male, 18-25.

HELEN BURNS/MARY INGRAM – Saintly, spiritual student at Lowood School who befriends Jane and teaches her the importance of forgiveness (Helen Burns), doubling with Blanche Ingram’s snobby sister (Mary Ingram); versatile young actress with angelic mix. Female, 16-20.

BROCKLEHURST/ROBERT – Imposing, frightening supervisor of Lowood School who mistreats the young orphans, the dry, intelligent butler of Thornfield Hall (Robert); a commanding bass with an intimidating presence. Male, 45-60.

MISS SCATCHERD/GRACE POOLE – Strict, embittered teacher at Lowood School who is obedient to Brocklehurst and his unfair punishment, doubling as the alcoholic, suspicious nursemaid to Rochester’s insane wife (Grace Poole); versatile character actress. Female, 40-60.

MASON – Bertha Mason’s well-educated, yet emotionally unstable brother. Handsome baritone. Male, 30-40.

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